Family LawHAPPY BROKEN FAMILY. Reframing the perspective: finding happiness after divorce

May 30, 2023by Sara Garde0

Divorce is an emotionally challenging event that affects all parties involved, especially children. However, in recent years, a concept has emerged that seeks to challenge the traditional notion that divorce can only generate sadness and discord. This concept is known as “Happy Broken Family”. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of marital breakdown, this idea focuses on the emotional well-being and happiness of all family members, even after divorce.

This new concept of “Happy Broken Family” advocates a change of mindset in relation to divorce. Instead of viewing marital breakdown as a failure or a painful ending, it tries to see it as an opportunity for growth and self-transformation. So much so that, in some cases, it is recognised that divorce may be the best option for all family members to find happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

Shared parenting: One of the fundamental basis of the «Happy Broken Family» concept is shared parenting or effective co-parenting. Although parents are no longer together as a couple, they remain responsible parents committed to the well-being of their children. This involves open, respectful and effective communication in making decisions related to the children’s education, health and well-being. Shared parenting allows children to maintain close and meaningful relationships with both parents, which is fundamental to their growth, happiness and emotional stability.

The «Happy Broken Family» concept is a revolutionary approach that challenges the notion that divorce must be a negative and painful experience.

HAPPY BROKEN FAMILY. Reformulando la perspectiva: encontrar la felicidad después del divorcio
Focusing on the positive: This promotes the idea of focusing on the positive aspects of life after divorce. Instead of holding on to past resentments and conflicts, it is about seeking gratitude and forgiveness. This does not mean that challenges and difficulties disappear overnight, but it means adopting a positive attitude and finding constructive ways to overcome obstacles.

Emotional and professional support: The road to this new reality is not always easy, and it is crucial to seek emotional and professional support when needed. Family therapists, counsellors and lawyers can play a critical role in helping family members cope with the transition and develop effective communication skills. These resources can provide the tools necessary to overcome challenges and find happiness in the new family dynamic.

In conclusion, the «Happy Broken Family» concept is a revolutionary approach that challenges the notion that divorce must be a negative and painful experience. By changing the mindset and adopting a positive attitude, it is possible to find happiness and well-being after divorce. Through effective co-parenting, focusing on the positive and seeking support when needed, families can overcome obstacles and build a new reality in which all members can find happiness and peace.

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