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The extensive experience of the lawyers of CG DERECHO INTERNACIONAL in the international area of Family Law and Inheritance Law supports us in the defence of our clients’ interests before national Courts (when there is a foreign element) and international Courts, in matters such as conflicts of international jurisdiction, applicable law for the regulation of marriage, and/or for the regulation of the effects of divorce, application of matrimonial property regimes, ammendment of legal measures, disputes in the exercise of parental authority, as well as intestate and testate succession with international elements.

We are specialists in the drafting of certificates of Spanish law for its use in third countries, also coordinating the drafting and obtaining of certificates of law of third countries for its use in Spain. We also facilitate the drafting of special powers of attorney to be granted before a foreign notary public and/or Spanish Consulate, as the case may be, as well as their legalisation before the corresponding national or foreign authorities.

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